All around Counterstrike Soccer

We were a community for over 15 years playing Counterstrike Soccer in a professional mode and league. This has been on CS:Source only since then.

First of all if you are new i would recommend you to play on our Public Server and get used to the ball and the mechanics. Try to get better from time to time and ask around how to improve.

Our official Servers can be found either on Website or on our Discord.

Yes we have some Video tutorials, which you can find all over the place.

There you will learn how to do the basic and advance passing/shooting in CSSL.

When we play a game with random teams, we call that a cap. You can participate in a cap while signing through our CAP BOT on our Discord.

CSSL is hosting regular Competetive Ladders like 2v2, 4v4 and 6v6 for CS:S and CS:GO. If you are interested in joining them you can find all the informations on this Website or on our Discord.

CSSL Public Server

CSSL Training Server

CSSL CAP/Match Server

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